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New Strategic Thinking: Technology Ecosystem in GBA and ASTRI’s Strategy

Date: 20211214

The GBA Business School has organized a webinar yesterday (14 December) on “Technology Ecosystem in GBA and ASTRI’s Strategy”. It has been our honor to have Dr. Denis Yip, CEO of ASTRI as the keynote speaker with Dr. Toa Charm to be the moderator. Together, they gave a fruitful and inspiring discussion about the mission of ASTRI on the tech industry in GBA and how Hong Kong can seize the emerging opportunities.

At the webinar, Dr. Yip expounded on the I&T opportunities in the GBA and ASEAN in the next 5 years and how Hong Kong, being one of the core cities in the GBA, can be the hub of Innovation and Technology (I&T). In view of the opportunities, ASTRI regards nurturing talents is of utmost importance. “Hong Kong need to identify where our I&T market is.” Dr. Yip explicated how ASTRI is enabling a smarter GBA through collaboration, commercialization, and innovative strategy. In the talk, he spelled out the innovation landscape in Hong Kong and the GBA, Hong Kong’s advantages due to its excellent start-up infrastructure, and more. He also pointed out how the technology ecosystem in the West and the East is expanding through opportunities brought by the “Metaverse”. He strongly believed the GBA will develop into an engine driving a sustainable start-up ecosystem and fostering widespread business dynamism. He reiterated that ASTRI will continue to improve its development strategies – from technology transfer to talent cultivation to collaboration with Mainland China – to further develop Hong Kong into the world’s premier technology hub. He concluded, “If you only think of Hong Kong, you can never be a unicorn.”

Left: Dr. Toa Charm, Right: Dr. Denis Yip
Left: Dr. Dicky Shek, Middle: Dr. Denis Yip, Right: Dr. Toa Charm
From Left to Right: Dr. Veronica Lee, Dr. Denis Yip, Dr. Toa Charm, Dr. Dicky Shek