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School Badge and Motto

School Badge

The GBA Business School badge is designed to embrace some dedicated meanings. The main emblem serves to convey one of our basic philosophies – to adopt a “Global Perspective”. The golden waves on the upper part of the emblem symbolize the idea of broadness as in an open ocean. The three white strokes below form the Chinese character “chuan” (川), meaning “the streams”, which are the sources providing for that broadness. The red alphabet “E”, an acronym for “Education”, sitting on top of the red “opened book”, is indeed the very basis for this very broad view to develop. The six golden feathers on both sides of the emblem, impressed as a pair of wings, also add to the theme. The feathers themselves represent the “Six Pillars” in our School philosophy, while the wings take us far and wide out to the world, from our root in the Greater Bay Area. We are honored to have Professor Xu Yang-sheng, President of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, who helps us with his exquisite calligraphy used as our Chinese name inscription. It was presented to us by Professor Stella So, Assistant Dean of the School of Management and Economics of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, during our college opening ceremony.