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School Philosophy

The Six Pillars are our philosophy in running the GBA Business School. These are also the same characteristics which we expect our students to use in conducting themselves.

Context Relevancy

Be flexible, make adjustments according to needs of changing time and place, not be constrained by traditions and conventions

Courses are designed according to the needs of the specific time and place


Be pragmatic, combine theories and practices to establish effective actions

Courses are designed to serve practical needs of the society


Be entrepreneurial, stay true to the objectives and realize that success comes from adhering to entrepreneurship in mind

Entrepreneurship is integrated into all courses


Be innovative, master technology as an enabler for achieving success

Technology, innovation and data analytics are the major thrusts in our teaching and research

East + West

Be intercultural, embrace knowledge from different cultures and schools of thought, integrate wisdoms from both the East and the West to formulate new ways of management thinking

Chinese philosophies from Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and Legalism, as well as Western philosophies and sciences, are all included in our curriculum

Global Perspective

Be inclusive, live and let live, and win by integrity

We gather talents from all over the world and pool wisdom from various sources to develop future leaders of the world