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Quotes Shared by Participants

Wave Chow
Senior District Director Agency Management, AIA International Ltd.

GBA LEAP helps participants to start a business and be a successful entrepreneur; it’s perfect for people like me who want to study and improve, but don’t like exams and a lot of homework. More importantly, the lineup of coaches and mentors is fantastic.
Carrie Ng
Head of Human Resources and Marketing, Dr. Kong Healthy Shoes Shop

GBA LEAP has enabled me to increase my understanding of the development of the Greater Bay Area, and I can also connect and cooperate with the network of people associated with the Greater Bay Area.
Ray Chui
Chairman of Kam Kee Holdings Ltd.

It is a wonderful thing to be able to go to school every day. As long as you study hard and continue to grow and improve, you don’t fear any difficulties ahead.
Zhu Jian Xiong
Senior Project Manager

In the mountain we cannot make out its true face, for we are lost in the heart of the very place. (If you want to know the whole truth, you can’t take a part for the whole and over-generalize) I always think that I deal with the technology, but I am very much a novice in business. Thank you for the inspiration from the Business School.
Edwin Liu
Vice President & Chief Investment Officer, HK Edvantage Group Holdings Ltd.

GBA LEAP is one the best entrepreneurship programs I have ever attended. The sharing from professors is very insightful and inspiring which makes me re-think many business decisions I have made in the past and contemplate how I can improve when facing similar situations in the future.