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GBA Business School: 2023 Greater Bay Area Visiting Group (Project # 8)Mr. Andy Liu, Chief Operating Officer of Micro Connect Macau Financial Assets Exchange, talked about – “The mission, business model and market positioning of Micro Connect” – 18/12/2023 @ FIT Center of Macau

Date: 18/12/2023

Discussion points:

  1. Micro Connect takes “revenue figures” as the core consideration in providing financial transaction services
  2. Accurately connect international capital to small and micro enterprises across China
  3. Provide global investors with daily income sharing from high-quality small and micro enterprises
  4. Covering consumer areas including: catering, retail, services and physical stores in culture and sports
  5. Investors can flexibly choose the cash flow of any store and any time period to build an investment portfolio
  6. Utilize the blockchain-powered trading and settlement system to ensure the accuracy, security and efficient operation of the exchange