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Meeting alumnus Dr. Jeffrey Pong: “How to bring professionalism to entrepreneurship, from strategy to management” — 17/03/2024 @ GBA Business School


Discussion points:

1. From “professional” to “entrepreneurship” to “strategy” to “management” to “going out and bringing in”

2. How technology empowers “medical beauty”

3. The establishment of an ecological circle of “government, industry, academia and research”

4. The right time, location and people

5. Rooted in Hong Kong, based in the Bay Area, integrated across the country, and looking at the world

6. The complementary advantages of Hong Kong and other cities in the entire Greater Bay Area

7. The importance of data literacy

8. You have to be “there” to get the most complete picture – reading thousands of books is not as good as traveling thousands of miles


「 “Professional Program in Doing Business in GBA” 」2024

Introduction :