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日期: 20230218

與大灣區商學院學員會面,討論研究專題的選擇,以加深我們對大灣區管理和商業發展的理解 — 18/02/2023 @尖東永安廣場


1. 學員為本與聚焦大灣區

2. 大灣區商學院的六大支柱和五大合成板塊

3. 可能研究範疇

– 物聯網

– 可持續發展與社會創新

– 大健康與安老政策

– 大灣區的飲食業的發展

– 大灣區青年發展

– 家族辦公室

– 知識產權

Meeting GBA Business School participants talking about Selection of Research Topics to deepen our Understanding on Managing in the GBA Context — 18/02/2023 @ Wing On Plaza #LEAP

Discussion Points:

1. Participants Oriented and GBA Focused

2. Six Pillars and Five Building Blocks of the GBA Business School

3. Potential Project Titles:


– Sustainability and Social Innovation

– Health Tech and Aging Policy

– Catering Business

– Youth Development

– Family Office

– Intellectual Project Rights