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日期: 20230311

王道財經主席兼創始人 王冠一教授
與ViuTV 節目監製及主持 余樂明談論:「全球視野、中國政策和戰略以及大灣區概念的重要性」 — 11/03/2023 @ 大灣區商學院
1. 全局觀
2. 信任的價值
3. 軍事實力與獨立
4. 第三次世界大戰的可能性

Prof. Patrick Wong, Chairman and Founder of Wchannel.com. X Tin Yu, Executive Producer and Presenter of ViuTV:“The Importance of Global View, PRC Policy & Strategy and the GBA Concept”— 11/03/2023 @ GBA Business School
Learning Points:
1. Global view
2. Value of Creditability
3. Military Presence and Independency
4. Likelihood of the Third World War