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「大灣區商學論壇 GBA Forum #10-3」

日期: 20221016

大灣區商學論壇 #10-3:社聯社會企業商業中心首席顧問 及 香港浸會大學實務教授 凌浩雲教授領導討論「構思與建立創業項目」— 16/10/2022 @ 大灣區商學院

  1. 令自己的產品/服務更合事宜
  2. 食物不是食物;食物是回憶
  3. 火乘風勢,勢如破竹
  4. ESG標準,中國的標準
  5. 人盡其才,新絲綢之路

Professor Howard Ling, Chief Consultant of HKCSS Social Enterprise Business Centre & Professor of Practice at Hong Kong Baptist University led a discussion on “Conceiving and Designing Entrepreneurial Projects” — 16/10/2022 @ GBA Business School #LEAP
Points for reflection:

  1. Make your product/service more relevant
  2. Food is not food; food is memory
  3. Fire rides the wind
  4. ESG standard — China’s standards
  5. Make the best use of your talents, the New Silk Road