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日期: 12/03/2023

大灣區商學院校長陳志輝教授接受《中國日報》採訪:香港在吸引投資者到大灣區(9+2 城市)的獨特且不可替代的優勢 — 12/03/2023 @ 大灣區商學院


1. 香港作為頂級國際商業中心之一

2. 9+2城市協同效應巨大

3. 香港X大灣區X一帶一路聯盟

4. 從內循環到大循環再到雙循環

Professor Andrew Chi-fai Chan, the President of the Greater Bay Area Business School, was interviewed by “China Daily” on: The Unique and Irreplaceable Advantage of Hong Kong in Attracting Investors to the GBA (9+2 Cities) — 12/03/2023 @ GPA Business School

Discussion Points:

1. Hong Kong as One of the Top International Business Hubs.

2. Synergy Among 9+2 Cities Generates Great Effects

3. Hong Kong cum GBA cum Belt-Road Coalition

4. From Internal Circulation to Big Circulation to Dual Circulation