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Facing a once-in-a-century international environment and Hong Kong’s transformation into a new era, we must equip ourselves, maintain a positive attitude and flexibility, regard challenges as opportunities, find innovative solutions, and maintain confidence in the future.
Understanding that the Greater Bay Area will become a region with a strong economy and active innovation, we must understand the policies, development projects and market needs of the Bay Area and actively participate in it. Improve your competitiveness in these fields through learning.
With the rapid development of modern technology and the increasing integration of the global economy, educational institutions also need to keep pace with the times and seek more innovative and forward-looking ways to educate students. In this context, establishing a super network platform has become the inevitable vision of the Greater Bay Area Business School.
The Greater Bay Area Business School not only allows business leaders and elites to share their successful experiences and scholars to share their academic experiences, but students can also become an incubator for cross-sector collaboration and entrepreneurial opportunities, participating in virtual team projects with classmates from different professional fields, and working under the guidance of super mentors. Under guidance, we work together to explore innovative business models and solve real-world challenges.
Today, in addition to sticking to my job, I constantly introduce new elements and introduce the company’s operating strategies, find the value of business to society, and expand the company’s business scope, which is one of the keys to achieving continued growth and success. This approach can not only improve work efficiency, but also bring new business opportunities and market competitiveness, lead the company to great development, and contribute to society.
Winning the “Top 100 Enterprise Brand Award in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area” is an important milestone in our company’s development path. This honor makes us feel proud and honored, and it also increases our sense of responsibility and mission. We will use this as motivation to continue to lead the market, pioneer and innovate, and provide excellent value and services to our customers and partners.
Lorna Lee – Founder of “UniqueUs Excellent Healing Traditional Chinese Medicine Pain Health Management Center