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「The GBA Study Trip」Module in the “Professional Program in Doing Business in GBA” offered by the GBA Business School : Visitations to Dongguan and Nansha in the Greater Bay Area (5)Mr. Huang Chih Shen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Speedy Global Holdings Limited (Hong Kong stock number 00540) talked about: My Journey of Struggling for Thirty Years in the Greater Bay Area — 27/02/2024 @ Chang’an Town, Dongguan City


Discussion points: 1. Don’t be afraid of hard work and work harder than others

2. Situation view – look at demand, strength, prospects, policies, and the overall world situation

3. Know the sky, the earth, others, and yourself 4. Impacts and opportunities brought by geopolitics

5. Be extremely sensitive to numbers

6. Give young people as many opportunities as possible

7. No one has good luck all the time. The key is how to seek good luck and avoid bad luck?

8. Opportunities in ASEAN countries

9. Comparison between industrial parks and traditional businesses