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Professor Lawrence Chan, Associate Vice President of the GBA Business School, delivered an Information Session on “Professional Program in Doing Business in GBA” – 25/03/2024 @ Wing On Plaza, East Tsim Sha Tsui

日期: 25/03/2024

Coordination and Q&A session:

Professor Andrew Chan, President of GBA Business School

Discussion points

1. Put students first

2. Focus on the Greater Bay Area

3. Continuously relevant learn

4. Super networking platform

5. Market needs

6. Creativity and Entrepreneurship

7. Technology driven 8. East West Integeation

9. Height, angle, realm, and pattern

10. Teacher: preach, professional directed, and resolve doubts

11. Those who are born knowing are the best; those who know by learning are the second; those who are in difficulties and learn are the third; those who are in difficulties but still resist to learn are the worst


「 “Professional Program in Doing Business in GBA” 」2024

Introduction :