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Professor Howard Ling, Chief Consultant of HKCSS Social Enterprise Business Center (SEBC) and Professor of Practice of Baptist University, provided guidance and advice on the projects of “Example 2: Financing GPS to Connect Hong Kong” and “Example 3: Ten Integrals Hair Aesthetics Chamber “— 10/03/2024 @ #GBA Business School


Discussion points:

(Example 2: Financing GPS to connect Hong Kong)

1. A-share trend and historical price-earnings ratio from 2019 to 2023

2. The status of major A-share sectors from 2020 to 2023

3. Hong Kong Talent Plan

4. Hong Kong’s advantages

5. Business model

6. Competitive advantage

7. Fundraising situation (Example 3: Ten Integrals Hair Aesthetics Chamber)

1. About 1.6 billion people out of 7.8 billion people in the world face the problem of hair loss.

2. The team’s mission is to restore customers’ self-esteem by providing effective hair and scalp care treatments that adhere to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine

3. The group’s goal is to create a hospitable and enriching experience for customers with sincere and enthusiastic service

4. Develop solutions

5. Customer base includes old, middle-aged and young people

6. Total market share 7. Competitive Situation Analysis