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GBA Business School: 2023 Greater Bay Area Visiting Team (Project # 3)University of Macau Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Mr. Chen Tingyin and colleagues talked about – “The vision and mission of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center: to leverage the advantages of the center and build the creative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit of teachers and students” — 18/12/2023 @ University of Macau

日期: 18/12/2023

Discussion points:

  1. Help teachers and students transform their creative ideas into practice
  2. Provide a support platform for innovation and entrepreneurship to support entrepreneurs in establishing their businesses
  3. Cooperate with local communities and governments to promote the progress and development of Macau society
  4. Make Macau an innovative society
  5. Provide potential entrepreneurs with: team management, market development, financial management, financing, ongoing operations, and legal consulting services
  6. Provide venues for entrepreneurial teams and allow interested entrepreneurial teams to settle in the center. In addition, provide advice and regular coaching to the entrepreneurial team.
  7. The University of Macau can also provide funds to outstanding entrepreneurial teams and assist them in promoting their entrepreneurial projects to the market