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GBA Business School: 2023 Greater Bay Area Visiting Team (Project #2)Professor Ma Shaodan, Deputy Director of the State Key Laboratory of Smart City Internet of Things, University of Macau, talked about — “State Key Laboratory of Smart City Internet of Things: Mission, Vision, Goals, and Strategies” — 18/12/2023 @ University of Macau

日期: 18/12/2023

Discussion points:

  1. What the country needs, what Macau is good at
  2. World-class, Macau characteristics
  3. Positioning: Solve the key scientific and technological issues of the Internet of Things in smart cities, provide basic theories, algorithms and systems, and develop a demonstration role for smart cities.
  4. The purpose of establishing the research office: to establish a smart city research and development platform to achieve leadership and influence in scientific and technological research; to contribute to the moderately diversified development of Macau’s urban economy