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Dr. Louis Ng, Director of Hong Kong Palace Museum, gave a talk on “How the Hong Kong Palace Museum carries forward China’s excellent traditional culture” — 09/03/2024 @ #GBA Business School

日期: 09/03/2024

Coordinator: Professor Andrew Chan, President of #GBA Business School

Moderator: Lawrence Chan, AVP of #GBA Business School

Guest Moderator: Carrie Ng, Marketing Director of Dr. Kong

Discussion points:

1. Five outstanding characteristics of Chinese civilization: continuity, innovation, unity, inclusiveness, and peace

2. The Forbidden City was included in the “World Cultural Heritage List” by UNESCO in 1987

3. Vision and positioning: Carry forward and inherit China’s excellent traditional culture and promote dialogue among different civilizations in the world

4. The National Palace Museum in Hong Kong is committed to four new visions: modernity, innovation, Hong Kong and the world, and inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese culture

5. Concrete interpretation of innovative vision

6. How to present Hong Kong’s vision

7. World Vision: Strategy and Promotion

8. Operation overview and outlook