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Dr. Edward Tse, founder and CEO of Gao Feng Consulting Company, gave a lecture on “Viewing the Inner Logic of Today’s China’s Development from a Longitudinal Cultural Perspective” — 09/03/2024 @ #GBA Business School

日期: 09/03/2024

Forum Coordinator: Professor Andrew Chan, President of #GBA Business School

Forum Moderator: Lawrence Chan, AVP of #GBA Business School

Discussion points:

1. China’s development model: experimentation, learning and consolidation

2. Major advantage: large-scale organizational capabilities

3. The role of large-scale organizational capabilities in complex product manufacturing

4. Core features of the “Hefei Model”

5. Complementarity between multiple structures and dual economy

6. Characteristics of China’s infrastructure construction

7. Modernity with Chinese characteristics: inclusiveness based on civilization and culture

8. Specific expression of Chinese-style modernization

9. Complex and simultaneous existence of multiple relative forces

10. Today’s interpretation of self-cultivation, family management, country governance, and world peace