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「The GBA Study Trip」Module in the “Professional Program in Doing Business in GBA” offered by the GBA Business School : Visitations to Shundei, Foshan City, Guangdong Province(1) Met with Director Zhang Yuheng, Deputy Chief of the People’s Government of Ronggui Shunde, to discuss Shunde’s special comparative advantages, business opportunities and future cooperation directions — 18/06/2024 @ Shunde, Foshan

日期: 18/06/2024

Discussion points:

  1. Shunde’s economic development history
  2. Important industries include: catering industry, home appliances and manufacturing
  3. Diligence and entrepreneurial spirit of Shunde people
  4. Business opportunities brought by the digital economy
  5. The government is committed to working with partners in the Bay Area to enhance the entire economy and business environment through synergistic co-operation
  6. The powerful combination of culture and tourism in the two places can empower the country’s internal circulation and dual circulation development
  7. Hong Kong’s financial services can support the establishment of an industrial ecosystem
  8. Hong Kong can provide comprehensive and advanced financial services to support the long-term development of Shunde’s different industries.
  9. There is a strong synergy between Hong Kong’s scientific research and Shunde’s manufacturing industry.
  10. Hong Kong’s educational resources can enhance Shunde’s skills improvement and business management