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Professor Jeff Yeung, former co-director of the EMBA (Chinese) program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, talks about “Change Management and Creativity” — 12/05/2024 @ GBA Business School

日期: 12/05/2024

Discussion points:

1. Types of innovation: continuous innovation, disruptive innovation

2. Steve Jobs: Are people born creative? Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

3. According to research, one-third of creativity comes from genetics and two-thirds from learning.

4. Discovery skills: connectional thinking, forcing new connections, role playing different companies, hypotheses, building curiosity

5. How people with excellent connection skills discover skills: Ask, observe, network, and experiment

6. The power of asking questions is not in finding the right answers, but in finding the right questions.

7. What gave you this idea?

8. Observe customers, observe the company, observe anything you like, observe with all your senses