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Mr. Lai Yui Siu (The Master), expert on China affairs and current columnist of AM 730 Media Co., Ltd., talked about “One Belt One Road, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and Hong Kong” — 08/06/2024 @ TST East GBA Business School

日期: 08/06/2024

Discussion points:

  1. Two perspectives: the balance between national policies and goals and the actual needs of the people
  2. Trends and choices: willingness, ability, background, environment
  3. The ups and downs and corrections of the Belt and Road Initiative: from west direction to global direction
  4. Globalization of the outward economy
  5. Improvement of comprehensive national strength
  6. Diplomatic and military needs
  7. Drive the public to the world
  8. Continuous adjustments and strategic reviews
  9. The Belt and Road Initiative, the Greater Bay Area and national policies
  10. National Greater Bay Area Plan
  11. Integration of different industries
  12. Some observations for the future: changes in the international environment, internal economic and people’s livelihood issues, and the production industry will help internal circulation