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Discussing “The Relationship between Family Succession and Family Offices” with GBA Business School participants and friends — 11/05/2024 @ GBA Business School


Guest Speaker:
Professor Marshall Jen, Managing Partner of FiBI Advisory and Research Institute
Discussion points:

  1. Origin – inheritance brings the need for financial arrangements
  2. Other professional services include: legal consultation, estate management, inheritance consulting, children’s education, charity activities, etc.
  3. The existence value of family trust
  4. Risk management considerations
  5. Generally, traditional financial allocation and financial management services fail to meet the unique requirements of different families.
  6. Demand for family offices
  7. Scale effect of funds coming to Hong Kong
  8. Hong Kong’s simplicity and low tax rates are very attractive
  9. There are unlimited business opportunities in the Greater Bay Area
  10. Family inheritance is closely related to the functions of the family office