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At the invitation of the GBA Business School (Hong Kong), Mr. Shih Wing Ching, the Founder and Chairman of Centaline Group, talked about: “Greater Bay Area real estate market trends and opportunities” — 21/05/2024 @ GBA Business School

日期: 21/05/2024

Guest host:
DBS Bank Hong Kong Branch Senior Vice President Mr. James Lam (GBA Business School Alumni)
Discussion points:

  1. You must understand the rules when investing in real estate
  2. Development stages include: recovery period, upsurge period, crisis period and depression period
  3. If property prices are out of touch with people’s economic capabilities, there will be dangers.
  4. Buildings are not purely consumer goods, they also include investment considerations.
  5. Generally speaking, self-owned-flat is not speculated, operators tend to rent it, and investors will buy while interest rates are low.
  6. For the time being, the vacancy rate for housing in Hong Kong is about 5%, but the vacancy rate for commercial units is about 15%, which is relatively high.
  7. A common phenomenon during a rising market is to buy first and then sell later.
  8. The situation in the Mainland requires clear political considerations
  9. The development of GBA will attract funds and talents, and property prices will outperform other mainland cities.
  10. There are three different administrative systems in the Greater Bay Area. It is necessary to understand: the flow of people, logistics, capital flow, and data flow to produce synergistic effects.