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「 大灣區科創新機遇•華商十講」第八講活動花絮

日期: 08/11/2022

大灣區商學院與廣州華商學院於11月8日聯合主辦「 大灣區科創新機遇•華商十講」第八講。今次邀請了麗能電池有限公司聯席創辦人及總裁楊文勇先生為主講嘉賓,為各位聽眾分享其自2014年起在香港科技園先後創立兩家科技培育公司,推動其智能穿戴和柔性鋰電池產業的創業經歷。

本次活動反應熱烈,超過1400 的大灣區青年通過線上參加講座。

On 8th of November, GBA Business School and Guangzhou HauShang College jointly offered the eighth talk on “New Technology and Innovation Endeavour in GBA • Huashang’s Ten Talks “.

Mr. David Yeung, Co-Founder and President of Lionrock Batteries Limited, shared with us his valuable experience on how to establish two technology incubators in Hong Kong Science Park which provide the smart wearable and flexible lithium battery industries. There were more than 1,400 young people in the Greater Bay Area participating in the talk.