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日期: 11/03/2023

王道財經主席兼創始人 王冠一教授向大灣區商學院學員和透過雲端視訊向聽眾發表「大灣區經濟與金融新智慧」的演講 — 11/03/2023 @ 大灣區商學院
1. 美國的強勢和世界秩序
2. 從大灣區到一帶一路到東盟連結
3. 如何建立世界觀
4. 如何解讀統計數據

Prof. Patrick Wong, Chairman and Founder of Wchannel.com.hk, addressing to GBA Business School Participants and to Audiences in Zoom on “New Wisdom on GBA Economics and Finance” — 11/03/2023 @ GBA Business School
Learning Points:
1. American Dominance and World Order
2. From GBA to Belt-Road to ASEAN Connection
3. How to Develop a World View?
4. How to Read Statistics?